Saudi-Arabia and Israel are exactly the same in all fronts you can imagine. They are often called Saudi-Israelia because of their - good friends- ties and many things they have in common like their following sects also known as the Wahhabism and Zionism.. Saudi-Arabia was founded and created by the Khazarian cabal, and later Britannia, at the time of Ottoman Empire via the former Zionist agent Muhammad Ibn Wahhab. He used the name ''Muhammad'' to force his cancer ideology throug the world. Ibn Wahhab and Ibn Saud selected to hijack the Islam as the Zionists did with Judaism.

The Israelis killed millions of innocent Palestinians and stole their land after WWII and since 2015 the Saudis are acting the same in Yemen, they've killed thousands of innocent women, children, etc, and destroyed their hospitals, infrastructure, houses, schools.


History Edit


Saudi Arabia is ruled by a corrupt fake kingdom. They are founded by former Britannia and bribed to follow them how they want it and to sign an official contract. The only real leader who refused their contract, was late sir. Faisal with the oil stoppage. The fake kingdom of Saud are at the same time good actors; they act like they're religious, but they aren't. The Saudi-Wahhabists are the same as Israeli-Zionists.

Saudi-Israeli secret ties/relationship Edit

Behind the scenes the Saudis and Israelis have a very harmonious and strong relationship. The Saudis/Israelis are behind the occupation of both countries. Saudi-Arabia is stolen by the fake kingdom and Israel did that in 1917 with Palestine via the illuminati Zionist- cabal De Rothshild dynasty.

A few things these countries have in common are: 1. Oppression of their citizens; 2. Acting like they are Jews/Muslims; 3. They use their satanic Babylonion books called the Talmudic hadith/talmud.

Mecca, Jerusalem and Madinah are all under control of these sects.

IRAN vs Saudi/Israeli Edit

The fact why these two hateful and violent countries hate sovereign Iran, is because Iran is not like them. They have not an IMF central bank with debts and because they are not in hands of the Illuminati cabal. The United States of Warmongers are the ones who are full of violence and they have nearly everywhere on earth military bases.



Israeli Secret Intelligence Services, als known as ISIS, was a created plan by the Khazarian Rothshilds to force regime changes like Syria, Iran. They were funded by the gulf countries (slaves of the Rothshilds); armed by Pentagon and Turkey and well trained by the CIA/MI5/I6 and Mossad. They are evil, inhuman and have nothing to do with humankind late alone with their fake belief system.


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